Lead Retrieval Services

Turn Leads Into Sales In Real-Time

Not only are all leads from the event floor transmitted wirelessly in real-time, but our extensive lead retrieval database allows you to decide what information you want to collect from each lead. This provides flexibility in reports to give you the information you need at any time While one person is collecting leads on the trade show floor, another person half-way around the world can immediately begin organizing and preparing for follow-up.

Various Lead Retrieval Packages Available

Show management can choose to allow each exhibitor to order their own lead retrieval equipment through IRIS for the event, or we can help you create a package deal for exhibitors.

Grow Sales & Contact Turn Around From Leads

With our innovative lead-retrieval equipment and expansive database it is simple for exhibitors to gather the data they need to turn their trade show presence into new sales. Lead reports are accessible online with tools that allow you to customize your data the way you need it. This ensures you get the information you need with the simple click of a button. If you choose to utilize the Super Photo Badge solution, we’ll provide photo-lead directories for exhibitors which include photo lead reports. This feature promotes increased ROI as the show lives on for the whole year in the minds of the exhibitors.

Flawless Badge Scanning Every Time

With the simple push of a button our lead retrieval equipment will accurately gather lead information from badges without fail. This means exhibitors can work through a long line of attendees quickly to gather their leads, or you can scan badges for access control without making people wait for a long periods of time.

Reliable Lead Software Program is User-Friendly

Qualify your leads instantly with our easy to use software program. Our complimentary tech-support will gladly answer any questions about how to set it up so even the most non-tech-savvy individual will have no trouble gathering the leads they need during the event.

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