Badging Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Save Money With Low-Cost Options and Sponsorships

All credentials are processed in-house saving you money because we print everything ourselves, and never outsource to a third party. No matter the event size we print it all. Plus, with our eco-badge format printed on recycled paper, not only do you save money on the badge printing, but shipping costs are lower as well. Plus, you can off-set event costs by offering badge sponsorships. This allows your key sponsor(s) to advertise on the credentials, giving the best exposure possible during the event. Learn more...

Choose the Badge Type

We have two basic badge options to choose from:

Eco-Badge - This cost-effective option is printed in four-colors on recycled paper. Designed to be held by one of our three economic clips, there is no need for a plastic badge holder (unless you want them). The lighter weight of the Eco-Badge and clip option saves you money not only in initial costs, but also in shipping. We offer security stock which has built in safe-guards to ensure credentials cannot be forged.
4-Color Badge - This is a traditional plastic badge. The primary advantage of a 4-Color Badge over our Eco-Badge is its durability. If it gets wet it won’t fall apart. This badge comes with our clear plastic badge holder for a crisp, professional looking package.

Choose the Badge ID Information Options

Depending on your event type and needs you can choose how much or how little data you want stored in your badge IDs. We have six badge ID options to choose from starting from simple to complex:

Basic Information - Looking for a simple badge to identify everyone? Just ask and we can keep it as simple as you like with just a name and any other basic information you request printed on the badge. While this option doesn’t work with our lead retrieval system, it’s perfect for an event where lead retrieval is not needed.
ID# to Type In - To keep things simple for a small event, to the basic information we can add a simple ID#. The ID# can be typed in to collect leads, check access, and control CEU credits.
1D Barcode - The 1D barcode is your first step into a badge with basic information and a barcode that can be scanned with any of our lead retrieval equipment. Simply scan the barcode to collect a lead, control access, track CEU credits, or any other option you request. While the barcode itself does not store data on the individual, it quickly accesses the information in our database
2D Barcode - The 2D barcode is the most commonly used barcode and has all the same capabilities as the 1D barcode. However, the 2D barcode allows you to store data in the barcode, making it easier to collect leads, and control access with our lead retrieval equipment.
QR Code - The QR Code (or Quick Response Code) is our fastest growing code used on badges because of it's fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes.
Super Photo Badge - Take your events security to the max. Add our Super Photo Badge feature and we’ll take a photo on site of each attendee and print it on their badge when they pick it up. Our speedy system makes this an easy way to ensure the right people have on the right badges at all times for access control. Learn more about the value of our Enhanced Photo Show solution.

Choose the Badge Holder

We have three badge holder options to choose from:

Corn Clip - Both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, this bio-plastic, earth-friendly clip looks and feels like plastic, but is actually made from corn. Simply clip on a paper Eco-badge on and go! Together they create an environmentally friendly package that saves you money.
Metal Clip - Prefer metal to plastic? The metal clip offers a slightly more secure grip for your badge and works with both badge types. However, due to its light weight it is cost-effective to ship and use.
Clip Clamp with Clear Vinyl Pocket - This traditional badge holder has been the staple of the industry for years. While protecting badges against water damage it also makes it very difficult to lose your badge. Enjoy the security of a great badge holder that still allows quick and easy use for lead retrieval and access control.