Attendee Services

Enhanced registration Services

IRIS, along with its strategic partners, offers an interactive multimedia and multi-services information system that is totally integrated with the onsite IRIS scheme. The use of the latest in multimedia technologies provide an interface via touch-screen, video and sound. Each station includes one computer workstation and one laser printer. Stations are networked together to create a show wide information environment. Features available are:
  • Message Center / People Finder (voice and email based)
  • Product Locator
  • Multilingual Instructions
  • IRIS Badge activated
  • Video, audio and printed ads
  • Job data bank
  • ExpoConnect: Import - export match-up
  • Premium incentive terminal
  • Attendee surveys

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a priority for IRIS and with over forty years in business, IRIS Registration Inc. (IRIS) prides itself not only on their state-of-the-art technology but also on close client relationships. Those relationships are rooted in trust and respect. Loyalty and excellence; enthusiasm and innovation are keywords for every IRIS employee.

IRIS believes direct contact between clients and their assigned team members is the most efficient and effective way to provide excellent service which also allows us to provide quick and flexible responses to our clients. To us, every event is the most important at the time it is occurring. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal, as a business

Global Contact eXperience & MyExpoCart

This uniquely robust system enhances the event experience for the attendee and provides a tool for attendee collection of show information and items of interest. It allows for more efficient utilization of time at the show and provides for an organizing tool to increase the value of the event for the attendee.
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The IRIS system matches the attendee's interests with the exhibitor’s products, providing attendees with potentially valuable contact information prior to the event.
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Housing & Travel

IRIS can also offer a turn-key solution for travel, housing and registration. Thanks to agreements with leading travel and housing specialists, IRIS provides seamless travel/housing/registration services to show managers. The IRIS systems are connected on-line to the travel/housing system and data is transferred for badge production and reporting. Services offered include: Room block, travel and car rental contract negotiations
  • On-line credit card transactions
  • Access to airline reservation system
  • Conference processing
  • Financial management reports
Experienced professionals respond to your attendees' and exhibitors' calls and address their travel, housing and registration needs. When IRIS brings its system on-site there are no problems with data transfer and compatibility with the housing/travel application.