Android OS 2.2 or later

Requires a Smartphone with an autofocus camera

Blackberry OS 6 or later

Use this link to download and install the app

iPhone 4 or later

We do not support iPad or iPod at this time

The IRIS ExpoSmart App is an integral part of the IRIS Global Contact eXperience (GCX). It provides new and better tools for exhibitors and attendees to interact and make the tradeshow and convention experience even more valuable.


The exhibitors use their personal Smartphones to collect and manage their leads. This eliminates the need to pick up or return equipment once they arrive on-site.


The IRIS ExpoSmart App can be used by Android 2.2, Blackberry 6.0, and iPhones with autofocus cameras, over 95% of the smartphones today.

Easy To Use:

The exhibitors already know how to use their Smartphones and the App is very simple and easy to use. One click is all it takes.

Collect Leads:

With full use of the IRIS ExpoSmart App the exhibitor simply scans the small IRIS QR Code that is printed on each badge and the App does everything else.

Saves Time:

The Exhibitors simply download the IRIS ExpoSmart App to their Smartphone at any time prior to or at the event. Several download options are available to make installation easy and quick.

Try then Buy:

Exhibitors can use the App for free and gather prospective names and ID numbers at no cost. If they decide they want more detailed information on the scans they can then activate full use of the IRIS ExpoSmart App.

Qualify Leads:

If an exhibitor wishes to increase the value of the lead, a custom qualify option is available which allows personalization of the lead through codes or comments either at the time of collection or after the event. Qualified leads are better leads.

Secure Leads:

Once scanned, detailed contact information is simultaneously stored in a password-protected personal web-site data vault that is set up when full use of IRIS ExpoSmart is activated. Leads are never lost or forgotten.

Lead Accessibility:

After collection, leads are immediately available for follow-up by anyone the user authorizes. All that is needed is an internet connection, the user’s ID, and the password. In today’s world speed of follow-up is critical.

Lead Management:

The leads from the web-site data vault can be selected for targeted follow-up or can be easily transferred to custom company spreadsheets or CRM software. Convenience of use makes for more effective lead management and increased Return On Investment.

Eco Friendly:

With the use of the IRIS ExpoSmart App there is no waste.