The IRIS zipBADGE self-service registration and lead retrieval system uses web based cloud computing to provide advance, on-site and post show registration and lead retrieval services for events that wish to do-it-all-themselves.

For several years IRIS has been providing Independent Badging Solutions for our clients’ smaller events. This service expands the convenience and self-service capabilities by using IRIS zipBADGE in conjunction with the IRIS ExpoSmart Smartphone services. These services provide a substantial cost savings for event and meetings management.

IRIS zipBADGE provides the tools for handing the requirements for small and medium sized events in a remarkably efficient and cost effective manner that benefit all participants; organizers, attendees, presenters, speakers, and exhibitors.

You can also order supplies and equipment needed at your event from IRIS . We can provide 4-color printers, laptop workstations, badge holders, badge stock, etc. at a low cost. With IRIS zipBADGE you can give your meeting a professional touch that will not only impress your attendees and exhibitors, it will also give you the tools you need to manage your registration process with ease.


After establishing an account, users can have a registration page set up with as many features and enhancements as they desire or use the built in zipBADGE data entry screen. Data can also be imported from existing registration pages or databases. With the IRIS ExpoSmart compatible bar code badges can be printed in advance and taken on-site, mailed to attendees, or produced on-site. Full self service registration and lead retrieval is provided by the IRIS ExpoSmart badges but other barcode formatted badges can also be produced. The transition from advance to on-site can be seamlessly handled by IRIS zipBADGE or can be customized to tie in with current operating systems and procedures. Managing and controlling the registration process is handled through a set of secure password protected show reports that are continuously available and can be accessed at any time.

The most useful Smartphone App for Attendees to gather wanted information from exhibitors at your event.


All of the IRIS ExpoSmart Smartphone services are available and encouraged through the use of IRIS zipBADGE . IRIS ExpoSmart is a self-service web enabled system that provides exhibitor lead collection, retrieval and management; attendee information collection and management through the use of MyExpoCart; session or presentation information collection and interaction; surveying; promotion; and participant connecting. The self-service IRIS ExpoSmart system incorporates the convenience and freedom of using personal Smartphone’s with the tools to handle a host of additional services that generally have been unavailable to smaller events and meetings. This self service breakthrough can enhance the value of face to face smaller events for meeting organizers, attendees, presenters, speakers, exhibitors and management.

Download the IRIS ExpoSmart lead retrieval system for use with IRIS zipBADGE .

If you're interested in utilizing this robust self-service system for your meeting, conference or event please fill out the form below and an IRIS representative will contact you shortly.